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  • An easy transport

6 bottles alone weigh 7.5 kg! With BAGAVIN, you no longer have to carry them. Your trips will be as easy as rolling on wheels!

  • Careful design

A BAGAVIN gives you a more professional image.

  • Security

Padding that will absorb most shocks. Ideal for your travels, whether in transport (train, metro) or in trade fairs. The registration in the baggage hold of a plane has not been tested for the 6-bottles BAGAVINS. For this purpose we recommend Bagavin 12 bottles for transporting samples by plane.

  • The quality of your wines preserved

The Bagavin is conditioned with thermal insulators to preserve the quality of your wines and minimize temperature variations.

  • Freshness

Thanks to the insulation of the bag, your whites and rosés will stay fresh for at least 2 to 4 hours.
You can also use freezer packs or ice packs to maintain a low temperature for longer and even cool your bottles down in the Bagavin.

Bagavin 6 bottles (Price PRO incl taxes)


    Professional rates: 

    From 1 to 4 Bagavins, the price is 124 € HT / unit 

    From 5 to 9 Bagavins, the price is 114 € HT / unit 

    From 10 Bagavins, price of 99 € HT / unit 

    For decreasing prices and / or payment by bank transfer, please complete the form or download the order form on the " Order form " page. 



    Delivery time without logo: maximum 1 week

    Delivery time with logo: maximum 15-20 days

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