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Our best seller since 2012!

We have 20 years of experience of using this Bagavin 12 bottles!


The recommended format and ideal in all circumstances!

The capacity to transport 12 bottles and a low empty weight of 4.2 Kg


Ideal dimensions for all trips even by plane, accepted as hand luggage (without liquid in it) but also sufficiently protective to register the Bagavin with your samples in air travels as baggage hold (minimal breakage rate).


Like all the other BAGAVINS, its isolation system keeps the bottles fresh for 3 to 4 hours. In addition, 6 detachable compartments allow you to place blocks of ice or a bag of ice cubes against the bottles to keep your bottles of white, rosé or Champagnes cool for longer time.


It will help you keep your wine in the best conditions while on the go.


Even if you don't often carry 12 bottles with you, think what can do more, can do less ....

Bagavin 12 bottles (Price PRO incl taxes)


    Professional rates:

    From 1 to 4 Bagavins, the price is 149 € HT / unit

    From 5 to 9 Bagavins, the price is 139 € HT / unit

    From 10 Bagavins, price of € 123 / unit

    For decreasing prices and / or payment by transfer, please complete the form or download the order form on the " Order form " page.



    Delivery time without logo: maximum 1 week

    Delivery time with logo: maximum 15-20 days

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